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          When I was six, my parents gave me great advice:

          "Make a living doing what you love."                        The result is  businesses that thrive because they are things I love to do. 


Science in the Movies is a live performance that reveals how science is used to make movie stunts and special effects. During a thrilling one hour assembly, our team uses Hollywood's ability to get and hold attention, performing six stunts and effects that teach over 100 essential STEM and safety concepts.


The program improves science understanding, which leads to better performance for students and teachers.   Schools using this program often achieve 33 percent grade hikes on standardized tests!


Steve also offers professional development sessions, where teachers learn Science in the Movie's engaging classroom techniques that get students excited to learn. 



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Wolf Stuntworks creates thrilling moments for movies and live events. 


In addition to having worked on thousands of movies, television shows, commercials, music videos and live events, we also hold world records for stunts and effects.


We use science & safety to shoot fireworks, indoor and outdoor pyro, and create a full range of effects including confetti, snow, foam, smoke, zip lines and  rigging. 


Stunt Ranch is a 22 acre park, offering exciting experiences including educational programs, Stunt Camp, Stunt Science Day, Company Picnics, Pyro School, Tactical Training, Paintball, Ropes Course, Climbing Wall, Swimming Pool, and anything else that sounds like fun.


It is a great place for school field trips, birthday parties, corporate retreats, professional development, and weddings! 

Stunt Camp:  Our week-long, hands-on day camp is where kids learn the secret science behind movie stunts & special effects, discovering the importance of science and safety concepts.  Stunt camp is offered at Stunt Ranch and anywhere you have 20 or more campers.

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Pyro School:  offers professional training for grown-ups who still like to play with matches and run with scissors. If you’re fascinated with how huge fireballs, snowstorms, explosions, shooting and other effects are done, Pyro School is the perfect place. Pyro School covers all manner of physical effects that leave you smelling of diesel and gunpowder. The workshops are a fast ticket to working in the film industry, where skilled effects technicians are in high demand. The class is taught by highly experienced and licensed professionals, at Stunt Ranch.

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Tactical Choices: training gives you the knowledge, skills and resources to keep yourself alive and to make choices that reduce your chances of trouble.   Learning what puts you at risk, and prepare yourself for what's unavoidable. 

Knowing that you can prevail against anyone who tries to hurt you or your family brings a tremendous sense of security. But this feeling is only realistic when you can back it up with skills, equipment and instantly effective actions. We'll guide you to having  them all. A Concealed Handgun License is just a piece of paper; it doesn't stop bullets or blades. 

Trial Films:  When huge settlements are at stake, you need the most effective way to influence jurors.  TRIAL FILMS puts the proven persuasive power of televison on your side using videotaped presentations produced by movie pros.  Stacks of technical jibber-jabber can be distilled into clear and concise videos that illustrate your case and visually explain technical material to your jurors.   Seeing is believing.  Our service is valuable in plaintiff and defense cases, in both civil and criminal suits. Our accurate and convincing demonstrative evidence shows, rather than tells, jurors what happened to your client. 

Inventions & Technical Challenges: From snow machines to forest-fire-fighting apparatus, from aerospace equipment to intragalactic telescopes, we ask the question that lead solving complex engineering challenges.   If you've hit a wall on a technical challenge, we can bring fresh eyes and helpful perspectives to your puzzle, and help you discover great solutions.


Video & Photography:
With experience from 

Newsweek to The Discovery Channel, Steve brings 30 years of visual and narrative story-telling talent to your project.   He'll create the words and pictures to tell your story or document your event.

Steve Wolf


Stunt Scientist, Experience Engineer, Inventor, TV Producer, Expert Witness, Firearms Safety Advisor, Science Presenter & Author

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