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Take the gamble out of jury trials...  144 wins, zero losses.

"A Fact is a Fact, but Perception is Reality"

Since 1992, Steve has pioneered the use of television's ability to educate and to influence, helping attorneys win multi-million dollar settlements using videotaped presentations. 

If a picture is worth a thousand words...

Using his abilities as a science communicator, Steve takes stacks of technical data and turns them into simple stories that illustrate cases, and simply explain technical material to jurors. 


Seeing is believing.  Information viewed on TV is more convincing than testimony, because we are conditioned from childhood to be passive recipients of what we see on TV.


Showing, rather than telling jurors what happened to a client can make a huge difference in his perception of a case.  Seeing a car flip over, or an oven exploding,  earns much bigger judgments than just hearing about it. 


Videotaped events are perceived as being "more real" than events rendered by computer.  There is a subtle emotional component to live action video that can't be derived from animation.  Steve's Trial Films company services work in plaintiff and defense cases, in both civil and criminal suits.

Give jurors the facts, bring the facts to life, and explain them on TV, and you win your case.

Steve's experience in feature film and television production allows him to create complete, accurate and convincing demonstrative evidence. He provides special effects for Paramount Pictures' The Firm, Warner Brothers' The Client and The Last Boy Scout, Disney's The Jungle Book, CBS' Rescue 911, Fox's America's Most Wanted, and dozens of other productions. 


Videotaped re-enactments produce an increase in jury awards of at least ten to fifteen times the cost of production.s

Expertise includes cases involving:


  • Car Accidents

  • Product Failure

  • Design Flaws

  • Fires

  • Explosions

  • Scuba & Underwater Activities

  • Motorcycles

  • Boating Accidents

  • Aircraft




  • Smoke

  • Pyrotechnics

  • Sports & Recreational Injuries

  • Industrial Accidents

  • Criminal / Police Recreations

  • Personal Injury

  • Entertainment Industry Accidents

  • Medical Misadventures

  • Workman's Compensation

(With regard to the number, diversity and depth of his careers, he says ADD is not a lack of focus, it's an extremely intense focus that gets work done fast so you can move on to the next thing - "a hummingbird may look like it's flitting around to you, but from his perspective he knows exactly and precisely what he's doing.")

As an Entrepeneur, he's owned an Ad Agency, a PR Firm, an Ambulance company, a Pistol Range, a Stunt & Special Effects Company, a Trial Consulting company, a Pre-School for Dyslexic children, a Film Production company, a Science Teaching company and his own Stunt Ranch.  He's never been able to keep his hobbies from becoming his businesses.

Steve lives in Austin, (surrounded by Texas and just south of the U.S.) and is a single father of three boys, Clayton, Paxton, and Dashton, who he collectively refers to as his "3 'tons of fun."

His doctors don't think he has more than fifty years left to live, so he's making every day count.


I love working on worthwhile and exciting challenges. I've been fortunate to have received the gifts of optimism, creativity, intelligence (just enough) and persistence, and I'd like to put them to work for you.

Together we can solve any challenge, from education troubles to personal safety, from forest-fire-fighting to aerospace engineering, from inspiring books to jury trial videos. Bring it on, and let's get busy.  I'm only here for a limited engagement.  Tick, tick, tick...



Steve Wolf


Stunt Scientist, Experience Engineer, Inventor, TV Producer, Expert Witness, Firearms Safety Advisor, Science Presenter & Author

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