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Movie & TV Stunt & Special FX Engineering

(extremely partial listing)


Ancient Impossible

Curiosity: Hindenburg

Larry the Cable Guy

Shipping Wars


Extreme Home Makeover

Fast Food Nation

The Firm

Cast Away

Hustle & Flow

The Client

The David Letterman

The 25th Hour

Expedition: Bismarck

Amercan Outlaws

The Jungle Book

America’s Most Wanted

Kings of the Evening

A Time To Kill

The Last Boy Scout

Whitney Houston

Law and Order

Beyond the Prairie

Master of the Game

One Life To Live

Blue Cross / Blue Shield

Comedy Central



Broken Sky

Finding Graceland

Dallas Cowboys

U.S. Secret Service

Governor Perry Inaugural

Polygram Records

Storage USA

Fallen Heroes


Mercedes, Chevrolet



Willie & Me

Call to Greatness

Crocodile Dundee II

Do The Right Thing

All My Children

Three Men and A Baby

Rescue 911

America’s Most Wanted


Kings of Appletown

Three Wishes



SCUBA Instructor

EMT / Search & Rescue

Police & Sheriff's Dept.

Pyrotechnics Instructor

Private Investigator, Notary

RIG, Rappel & Climb



Kinetic Dispute Resolution


Stunt & Safety Instruction

Heavy Equipment Op.

Tech Skills




Columbia University

Meisner Technique


Lead Investigator, Steam Cannon

Host / Lead Investigator

SPFX Coord. / Pyro / Guest

SPFX Coord. / Pyro / Guest

Special Effects Foreman and Pyrotechnician

Special Effects Coordinator and Pyrotechnician

Special Effects Coordinator.

Special Effects Coordinator. 133 effects

FX Tech. Rain, Rain, Rain...

FX Coord. Rain, Shootings, Prop Fab, U/V FX

FX Tech. Fire, Smoke, Electronics, Rigging

FX Coord. Exploding Dave’s set furniture

FX Coord, Texas. Interior Smoke

FX Coord. Smoke, Fire, Explosions, Water FX

FX Tech. Explosions, Bullit Hits, Smoke

FX Tech. Fire, Safety Rigging, Atmosphere, Fabrication

FX Coord. Explosives, House Burns, Shootings, Chases

FX Coord. Structure Fires.

FX Tech. Fabrication, Atmospherics, etc.

Exploding Football Sequence Producer

Video FX Coord. "I'm Your Baby Tonight" Mercury, Rain

FX Coord. Laser aligned Bullet Hits, Armorer

FX Coord. Rain, Snow, Smoke, Haze, Scuba

FX Tech. Bullit Hits, Rain, Mist

FX Tech. Fire stunt and effect

FX Coord. Body burn, Bullet hits, Car Stunts

FX Coord. “Smoking” Jacket

AT&T FX Tech. Liquid Nitrogen, Fiber-optics

FX Coord. Exploding window, Fire stunt

FX Coord. Plane Crash Site. Extensive Smoke & Pyro

FX Coord. Exterior rain effects

FX Coord. Live Pyro and Confetti Effects

FX Coord / Instructor, Tactical Training Course

FX Coord. Confetti, Indoor Pyro

Stunt & SPFX Coordinator, Full Body Burn

FX Coord. Flying Sofa (practical)

FX Coord. Explosions, Mortars, Grenades, Squibs

FX Tech. Explosives, Fire, Slime.

Pyrotechnic Effects Coordinator, Rigging, Marine Safety



Stunt Coordinator.

Stunt & FX Coord. World Records for Zipline & Squibs

Scuba & High Fall Safety Team

Stunt Safety Team

Stunt double for "Billy Clyde"

Driving Sequences Safety Team

Stunt Rigger, Driving Stunts, Scuba Coord.

Stunt Coordinator, Stunt Double, Scuba Coord.

Stunt Coord. / Pyro

Marine Safety Coordinator / Stunt Coord.

Stunt / Special Effects Coordinator, Spiderman Zipline



NAUI: Rescue equipped. Gear for 4 & dry suit. Extensive water safety background.

20 years exp. National Licenses. CPR & First Aid Instructor. Rescue Tech.

NYPD & Shelby Co. Emergency Services, Dive Team, Extrication & Rescue.

Austin Fire Dept. Perform stunts to teach fire safety. OWN FIRE TRUCK

Licensed Private Investigator, TCPS (A-10835), Texas Notary

Crosby Certified. A.S.C.F. Licensed. Complete kit.

NRA & State Licensed Firearms instructor.  20 years exp, 30K+ students.

BATF Class 20 Explosive Manufacturer's License, State FX & Flame Lic.

Target Focus Training, Advanced coursework.

Licensed driving instructor. Precision driver. TX CDL-A / Air / HazMat / EVOC

Author of 3 books, CO-Chair TN SAG/AFTRA & IATSE Safety Committees.

Backhoe, Bobcat, Excavator, Grader, Condor, Scisorlift, E

Electronics, Rigging, Design, Engineering & Fabrication, LASERs & Optics.

Stunt physics analysis, HAM Radio KD4ZOX. Fluent French. OWN 45’ FX TRUCK.



B.A. Writing and Literature. Minors in Shakespeare and Physics

Gately / Poole Studios, NYC (2 Years), Michael Shurtleff, Loyd Williamson


History Channel

Discovery Channel

History Channel

A&E Network

Europa Corp


Richard Linklater

Paramount Pictures

20th Century Fox

Universal Pictures

Warner Brothers


Walt Disney Pictures

James Cameron / Discovery

Morgan Creek Prods.

Walt Disney Pictures

S.T.F. Productions

Picture Palace Films

Warner Brothers

Warner Brothers

Nitrate Films

Wolf Films

CBS Televison

Priles Entertainment



Comedy Channel

Gary Zeller, Coord.

Penczner Productions

PBS Television

TCB Productions

Dallas Cowboys Club

U.S. Govt.

Glenn Smith Presents

Interlink Prods

Thompson Advertising

Armed Forces TV

Broadcast Arts




Belladonna Prods.

MTV, Liquid Theory

Paramount Pictures

40 Acres and a Mule


Touchstone Pictures

CBS Television

STF Productions

Sure Crossing Films

Oak Films

NBC, June Road Prods.


Steve Wolf


Stunt Scientist, Experience Engineer, Inventor, TV Producer, Expert Witness, Firearms Safety Advisor, Science Presenter & Author

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