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Steve Wolf has been shot, set on fire, tossed from buildings, and thrown off mountains.  During twenty years of stunt and special effects coordinating, he’s worked on movies with Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks, and dozens of other stars. He’s engineered effects for TV's America's Most Wanted and Law and Order, for David Letterman, and for Whitney Houston.


Much of his work looks dangerous, but in The Secret Science Behind Movie Stunts & Special Effects, he explains how he uses basic science to make stunts as safe as they are exciting.  Loaded with fascinating facts, safety tips, informative diagrams, and amazing photographs of actual movie stunts and effects, this book makes science as thrilling as a Hollywood action movie.


Order your copies today and I'll personally autograph them for you!

Jack Canfield, author of the "Chicken Soup" series, said, "I love this book, I loved learning about the science of how the stunts are done, I loved the layout, even the cover looks like a movie poster." June 21st, 2012.


"Not only is Steve Wolf one of the most inventive movie stunt and special effects coordinators, he's hands-down the best science teacher I've ever seen."

- Lauren Brown - NBC News 


"If you think Steve Wolf has a special effect on movies, you won't believe the effect he's having on students' science scores.  His influence on science education is being felt across the country."

- Pam Patterson 
National Hall of Science, Berkley National Laboratory



Steve Wolf asked doctors what they would personally do to minimize their risk of dying from a hospital error if they were hospitalized, and how they would protect a hospitalized loved one.

The answers are 75 of the best insider tips you can get for protecting yourself and your loved ones from being one of the 250,000 people killed this year from hospital mistakes.

If you are, or know someone who is hospitalized, you should download this book immediately, so you can recognize and eliminate many of the risks. Hospital mistakes are the 5th leading cause of death in the U.S.

I would keep this book in my phone or tablet just in case. It's a fast read of around 20 minutes, and it's packed with tips that are very likely to save lives. The number of ways to die of hospital mistakes is vast... But you can get the knowledge you need to protect yourself and you loved ones right this minute.

Available for immediate delivery online.

Steve Wolf


Stunt Scientist, Experience Engineer, Inventor, TV Producer, Expert Witness, Firearms Safety Advisor, Science Presenter & Author

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